Long Sleeve T-shirt: $20.00/ea. Size XL only
Standard BedRock T-shirt: $16.00/ea. Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL
Ladies Tank: $18.00/ea. Sizes: L, XL, XXL
Men's Tank: $18.00/ea. Sizes: XL, XXL
V-Neck (unisex): $18.00/ea. Sizes: L, XL only
Pen with velvet pouch: $2.00/ea
PVC Key Chains (choice of pink or purple): $3.00/ea.
Wristband: $1.00/ea.
Guitar pick: $1.00/ea.
BedRock Logo Condoms: $2.50/ea. WARNING: For Promotional purposes only! Not to be used for contraception !!
BedRock Fan starter pack: $8.00/ea. Includes pen with pouch, key chain, wristband, guitar pick, condom, magnet, business card
All BedRock Logo items can be shipped within the United States