The Band

BedRock is a high-energy, TRIBUTE to 80's / 90's Rock that brings THE ULTIMATE HAIR BAND EXPERIENCE to venues across the sunshine state, performing all the fun tunes that everyone knows and loves plus a few surprises thrown in to make it one big party! Audiences are constantly kept on their feet, happy to hear their favorite rock tunes that bring them back to when music was about having fun. There are no wigs or gimmicks here - just everyone’s favorite 80’s / 90’s rock tunes played right! The band is based out of Jacksonville, FL and consists of all pro musicians - most of whom have extensive stage and touring experience across the US and beyond. The entire band delivers a high-energy performance, ensuring a great time is had by all - they never disappoint, are well-received wherever they perform, and are always happily asked back! BedRock plays shows throughout Florida, year-round, and is available to perform at any number of events - opening for national acts, at festivals, county fairs, casinos, country clubs, charity functions, birthdays, corporate events, private parties, weddings - pretty much any event - just ask to see if they are able to play your function. For more info or to find out how to book BedRock, contact their manager / management company, Chrissy at Twisted Entertainment:

Lead Vocals

Joined: December 2018

This 14-year old vocal sensation hails from New Paltz, NY and joins BedRock from her 4-year position as lead vocalist of the Hudson Valley classic rock cover band, Ashes of the Phoenix, since it began in 2014. From a very young age Tess began participating in local theatre, quickly transitioning to singing at local open mic nights, and then to rock band workshops via New Paltz Rock. Tess has extensively performed with Ashes of the Phoenix (formally a New Paltz Rock band) at venues such as The Chance Theater, Orange County Choppers Cafe, the Taste of New Paltz, and many more. Tess has attended the Paul Green Rock Academy (PGRA) since age 10 to pursue not only singing but also guitar, performing with its show band at events in Woodstock, at venues throughout the year, two Summer tours, then in 2017 a Summer tour with the Gene Ween Does Billy Joel show as the opening act. Performances included venues such as The Queen (Wilmington, DE), The SPACE at Westbury (Westbury, NY), Daryl's House (Pawling, NY), etc. In June of 2017, Tess was honored to sing as a back-up vocalist for special guest, Donald Fagan, at a Best of Season PGRA event. In November 2018, Tess concluded a 9-week Idol vocal competition in Westchester, taking 2nd place overall among 18 other contestants. Machan Taylor, renowned vocalist, recording artist, performer, composer and educator has been providing vocal instruction to Tess regularly since 2015. Tess has been inspired by artists and bands such as Guns N Roses, the Police, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and much more. She is interested in all music types and genres, from classic hard rock, blues and soul, and metal.

Lead Vocals

Joined: November 2020

Cynthia is a singer and song writer, who mainly sings rock, but can sing any genre. She has been singing and dancing since she was a young child, and studied music at the prestigious Marie Sklodowska Curie performing arts school in Chicago. While there, she played the clarinet and saxophone. Over the years, Cynthia has sang in many talent shows. In 2013 she auditioned for Japan's got talent. In 2015 she auditioned for The Band. From 2016 - 2017 she was the lead vocalist for the band 5 Speed, and later in 2017 she was the lead female vocal in the band The Town. In 2017 she auditioned for The Voice, and finally, in 2020 she has landed in BedRock where her powerful voice busts out some of your favorite rock tunes m/ m/

Lead Vocals

Joined: January 2021

Klarissa "Rissa" Repole is a vocalist that began singing and dancing at an early age. She started out in musical theatre and began to write and record her own music at the age of 15. She recorded multiple pop singles and did a music video for her song “Eye Candy” when she was 17. She then went on to college for a few years, but is now back in the music scene embarking on a new journey into rock and roll music. She is super excited for this experience and opportunity and all that she can learn from it. Check out Rissa's page on Reverbnation:

Lead / Rhythm Guitars

Joined: January 2017

Gary Cellucci grew up in Troy, NY. At a young age, the discovery of the rock band KISS led to a fascination with the guitar. Gary has extensively performed with a variety of acts in New England and New York. His solo release "Hard Luck Astronaut" is available on iTunes,, CD Baby, etc. Now he has joined forces with BedRock in a quest to perform and recreate some of the best Rock music on the planet! Gary teaches the Contemporary Guitar Skills I, II, & III courses at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY and has maintained a thriving private lesson schedule. He is an alumnus of The Berklee College of Music, The American Institute of Guitar as a private student of Alex Skolnick, and The National Guitar Workshop. "I am proud and very excited to become a member of BedRock. So excited I nearly drove of the road when I got the news! (Don't talk or text while driving kids!) But when your caller ID shows 'Pete - BedRock' calling, you pick up! I'm looking forward to rocking out with the band for the fans, our friends, and families. See ya soon and Rock On!

Gary uses: Gibson guitars through Marshall amplification-"The sound of Rock"!

Lead / Rhythm Guitars

Joined: January 2021

Tyler was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, and has been playing guitar for 14 years. He's mainly a heavy metal guitarist, but he can pretty much play anything. Tyler has been in several bands over the years, but none lasted that long, which worked out great for BedRock! :-D We're very lucky to have Tyler and his amazing guitar talents in the band.

Tyler uses: 1 Randall half stack. Tonebone distortion pedal used for a metal tone. 7 string schecter guitar.


Joined: April 2021

David started playing drums in high school. He learned each drum separately - there was no class on how to play them all together. He had to teach himself how to do that. In the late 70's, he played in a local band called "Money" that opened for Johnny Van Zant, and played civic centers, fairs, and other big clubs all around the South. After that, David joined "Rum Creek" which later turned into "The Danny Joe Brown Band," Danny being the lead singer for "Molly Hatchet." David left after a year and a half. Fast forward to 1989, his friend and band mate from the "Rum Creek" band and The Danny Joe Brown Band (Bobby Ingram) and Danny wanted to keep Molly Hatchet going while the other members did not. David was hired to take Bruce Crump's place, and others were hired to replace the members in the band who did not want to keep playing. David played with the band in 1989 and 1990. In 1990, David quit to raise his two little girls, and for 12 years was completely out of music. In 2003, after the kids left the nest, David bought another set of drums from Jack Grondin of "38 Special," practiced to get his chops back up, and started his own band called "Nobodyz Bizznezz." He also had another band called "Xcalibur," both lasting quite a few years. There was also "Rogue Patriot," a bright spot during that time that ruled the city for about two years headlining the Jacksonville Landing for quite a few shows before their singer had to leave, ending the band. David then got an offer to play some country music with a band called "Thermal Image" that opened up for Charlie Daniels, Crossing Dixon, Lo Cash Cowboys, and Darryl Worley, just to name a few, plus went to Nashville and played at Tootie's Orchid Lounge on music row and had a meeting with some record people. This all led to getting hooked up with the band "Second Shot," which David played with for the last 6 years and were voted best band in Jacksonville in 2015. With Second Shot, they played the Florida Theatre, the Trasher Horne Center opening up for Molly Hatchet, and also opened up for Eddie Money, played the Sea Walk Pavilion numerous times here in Jacksonville, Fl. But every band runs its course, and that one was no exception. David is now proud to say he is a member of "BedRock," and couldn't be happier. Glad to be aboard and looking forward to a great future with the band!

David uses: a 10-piece Tama drum set and Promark drumsticks, Avedis Zildjian cymbals, Roto Toms, he has "more" cowbell :-D, and chimes - all on a Gilbralter double bass rack system.

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Founded: April 2013

Pete (full name Peter John Rivera) is the founding member of BedRock. He's toured up and down the East Coast and Southern states in the 80's and 90's with various bands such as Baby X, Thunder Alley, Wallstreet, and the Guns and Roses Tribute band Paradise City, and has opened up for such national acts as Warrant, Dream So Real, Night Ranger, and Sam Kinison who also sat in with his band. Pete stayed the longest in an Atlanta-based band called The Cosmic Gypsies (for over 15 years). In 2010, he left The Cosmic Gypsies to move to New York. Once in NY, Pete took a 3-year hiatus. He was extremely burned out and tired from gigging 2-3 nights a week, every week for years and the Rock & Roll lifestyle was taking a toll on his health. The time off was just what he needed. Once he was rested up and ready to start playing again, he had the drive and ambition to build BedRock, a popular, high-energy band that puts on an awesome stage show and kicks butt all over the Tri-State area!

Peter uses: Carvin BX500 Amp, Carvin BR210 Cabinet, Carvin BR115 Low-end Cabinet, BC Rich Warlock Revenge Bass, GS2 Axe Bass, ICB 300 Ibanez Iceman Bass